Our Pastor, Rev. Shawn Stapleton

A short synopsis of our Pastor...

I was born and raised in Wisconsin, where my adult children and many members of my extended family still reside.   I was born in August of 1967 in Oconomowoc, WI - a small village located 30 minutes or so west of Milwaukee.   While my parents moved my sister and I to Milwaukee when we were very young, we remained connected to our large extended family through frequent trips to Oconomowoc, and continue to maintain close family ties to this day.

I did not do well in high school, but was given a second chance in my early 20s, and took it.   I was able to work my way into college through a special admissions program, and found my truest self there.   I excelled in college, majoring in journalism with a minor in education.   I had a passion for the underdog, and giving voice to people's stories.   I was convinced then, and am convinced today, that our stories are all part of a larger societal narrative, and when we understand each other's stories, we are better able to understand ourselves.   Ultimately, through our common stories, we find our identity as a culture.

After working for seven years as a newspaper reporter (during which time I married and became a father), I was called into Christian ministry.   Here again, my passion for giving voice to the voiceless was fueled, and I worked hard to make sure those who struggled in society found comfort in the church.   I also fought at the city and state level to improve services for the underprivileged, and volunteered many hours with the Salvation Army and the local food pantry.

When my parents became ill with cancer, I quit my job as pastor and moved to Florida to care for them full time.   After they died (my mother in 2011, my father six months later), I stayed in Florida.   After a two-year stint with a digital ad agency in Tampa, I felt it was time to put my passion to work again for the voiceless, this time as a Guardian ad Litem.   I also felt a strong call back into ministry, and was led to the good folks at Community Congregational Christian Church.

Today, I am a single father of three sons (28, 23, and 19), all of whom live in Wisconsin.   I love to ride my bicycle, I'm a bit of a political junkie, and good music feeds my soul.   I have found that the more I learn, the less I know for sure, and that truth is relative in many cases.   Above all, I have a deep passion for social justice, and will give my life for children in pain.

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Rev. Dr. Shawn P. Stapleton

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